About Chris Burcher

Like a lot of people I am curious. Most of the time my brain is thinking about something. I used to think anxious thoughts most of the time, but have learned to channel that toward ‘cool things to think about’. I really enjoy organizing these thoughts through the process of recording podcast and video episodes. It’s funny how therapeutic this process is.

While my curiosity knows no bounds, I am a bit tired of internet influencers delivering what I consider to be weak content. In my search for stimulating discourse online I usually come up empty handed. In a sea of seemingly infinite podcasts and blogs, very few provide what I am looking for. Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom is my attempt to fill that void.

That isn’t to say I think I’m anything special. I’m just a guy who thinks a lot. But I do bring a unique set of experiences gained from a near half-century of living life on the outside. From the time I was small I always felt like I didn’t belong to the ‘regular crowd’, questioned authority, and danced to the beat of my own drum. Sometimes this paid off, but mostly it got me made fun of or beat up. But don’t feel sorry for me; I’d wager many of you can relate.

I was a shy kid and moved around a lot but I learned to develop close friendships rather than shallow acquaintances. I didn’t like organized sports, but became quite adept at non-traditional activities like break-dancing, bmx freestyle bike riding, and skateboarding. In college I switched from guitar to playing mandolin and got heavily into bluegrass and dawg music. I started out as a philosophy major (I know, shocker), but worried about my employment prospects I switched to Fisheries Science. I doubt many would consider any of those endeavors ‘typical’.

My poor performance in high school and early college earned me a ‘highly unlikely to do well on my career path’ reputation. In response to that criticism, I earned a Master’s Degree in stream biology and a PhD in aquatic ecology. I finished my PhD in the top of my cohort with a wife and three kids. In a hurry to get a job, I ended up in a bad place in a two income family where my salary barely paid for child care.

So I quit my job and became a stay-at-home dad. I got really into home brewing beer and started a brewery. I also got divorced and started a path of therapy and self improvement. Instead of becoming a jaded bachelor, I met a wonderful woman who became my wife and gave me a fourth daughter. She works a medical job and is burning out fast so together we are investing in real estate to facilitate her early retirement to choose a new path for our family. We are both recreating our dreams in midlife, having lived someone else’s dream through our 20s and 30s.

My priorities are focused on my roles as husband, father (of 4 daughters), son, brother, and friend. My life experience and perspective have given me a distinct outlook and I am sharing what I’ve learned in hopes of improving others’ lives as well as my own. I started KEW to be a part of a virtual community and help connect us to each other.

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