Episode 5: Marketing and Solicitation

Advertising. Marketing. Persuasion. We all need to sell ideas, products, or services to each other. How we do these things says a lot about who we are as individuals, communities, and society at large. I personally DESPISE aggressive marketing aimed at manipulating consumers using psychological ‘tricks’. I hate that crap. Consumers can be easily fooled into supporting companies that don’t always offer what they say.

Of course, I need to advertise. For my brewing business and even for this podcast/blog/vlog. I want people who seek my ‘products’ to find them. But I refuse to aggressively persuade anyone to change their minds. Probably makes me a cruddy business person. But it’s honest. And authentic to my values.

These topics, some fresh ideas, and maybe some deluded dreams in this weeks episode on audio:

and video:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 5: Marketing and Solicitation

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