Preview Episode 6: Competition

Competition is supposed to be helpful in regulating markets to give the consumer the best value, price, and quality. Does it? It sure doesn’t seem like it to me. Here I suggest it’s up to US (like so many things) to regulate economies by purchasing quality items and not fall for the aggressive marketing I talked about in Episode 5: Marketing and Solicitation.

In ecology, competition leads to speciation and biodiversity through darwinian mechanisms.

In sports, competition *should* encourage competitors to improve. But what I see is a too much emphasis being placed on winning.

In free markets, competition *should* encourage companies to produce the highest quality products for the lowest cost (best value). But what I see is a race to the bottom where products are shoddy at best or don’t deliver what the advertising (Episode 5) claims.

Is competition the holy grail we claim it to be?

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