KEW Episode 9: Old Beliefs

You know these things. They’re opinions and ideas that you have, but don’t really know where they came from. They tend to repeat themselves and ultimately contribute to what we call personality. We didn’t really learn them in the classic way. No one told us X and Y. Really what happens is we develop a coping mechanism to deal with some stressful situation. Talking in public. Asking for help. Being bullied. We come up with some response that takes the pain away, helps us avoid the situation, or makes us feel better.

These strategies get repeated because our bodies and mind learn that when a negative situation arises, we can plug in these responses, and things will get better. When that process works enough times it gets imprinted in our psyche and becomes a belief.

Problem is, as we age our lives change and many of these strategies not only stop working, they can produce negative results. But the imprinting through repetition process is so strong the beliefs become so cemented we don’t even realize they’re happening. This can lead to people pleasing, narcissism, addiction, and so many of the common issues we suffer from as adults.

Here I share my experiences and what I’ve learned through research (knowledge) and application of years of therapy (experience) as well as several ideas to help us all recover from the negative impacts that come from Old Beliefs.

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6 thoughts on “KEW Episode 9: Old Beliefs

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