KEW Episode 13: Slavery

Here I argue that besides the common forms of slavery we are familiar with that all sorts of *slavery persist in human culture today. Gluttonous humans have just become sneakier at disguising it.

(*there is probably a better term to describe the general concept of forced labor I discuss here, and to give credence to the more common forms of slavery that are the most terrible forms I can think of in addition to being one of the most horrible things I can ever imagine humans doing to each other).

I realize this is a very sensitive subject and potentially triggering to many people. I mean no harm nor do I intend to add to this sensitivity. I am as empathetic as I imagine a privileged white male can be. Or maybe I’m not, but I think I am and I’m being as honest as I am able.

My intention with this episode is to share my thoughts about what I believe to be the 10,000+ year old existence of abuse-for-money/power/gain in human society. These thoughts focus on my dislike of slavery, although I’m not sure that is the correct term as I discuss it.

Whatever the correct term, it has many names; slave labor, indentured servitude, caste systems, etc. Forgive my ignorance about specific nomenclature. Here I’m talking about people ‘trapped’ into working for free, next to nothing, below a living wage, by force, and other situations where the *boss* gains disproportionately over the *worker*.

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3 thoughts on “KEW Episode 13: Slavery

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