KEW Episode 14: What Can We Learn from COVID?

COVID sucks. No doubt. But often discomfort is our best teacher and there is always something to learn from suffering. In the case of COVID we are being forced to reexamine how we shop, travel, work, and educate. We have focused hard on our needs and had to let slip a bit on the wants. But what is a want or a need? What is essential vs. non-essential? How soon will the teachers get sick when schools reassemble in a few weeks? What is going to happen when the unemployment stimulus runs out next week?

There are a lot of unknowns about a lot of our critical systems, and a lot of necessary changes have to happen if we want to slow the spread. To me, this is a golden opportunity to make change in our world. In fact, I’d argue that it takes something like COVID (or a war, or some other tragic event) to change these systems. Here’s our chance! We already have to drastically alter the school systems this fall, why not give them a total overhaul? When else are we going to do it?

Anyway, my thoughts about the potentially positive side of the pandemic and what I would do if I was in charge.

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One thought on “KEW Episode 14: What Can We Learn from COVID?

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