Preview Episode 19: Addiction

I think everyone is addicted to something. Some of us are lucky and we’re addicted to something that probably won’t kill us. Like Diet soda. Some have real problems with life threatening addictions like fentanyl or heroin. Some people are addicted to working or even sex. Whatever your addiction I hope you get something of this episode.

My main addiction is nicotine. I smoked for about ten years, switched to dip, and have been chewing nicotine gum daily for about 20 years. I have quit hundreds of times (seems like it, at least) yet always go back. Nicotine, like many substances, is biologically addictive.

Here i dig into the psychological aspects of my addiction. I see my habit more as a security blanket than a substance addiction. My habit is an attempt to solve some underlying problem that isn’t related to nicotine itself. Why do we become addicted in the first place? What are we searching for? What is missing in our lives that leads us to addictions?

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