KEW Episode 20: Enough

When asked how much is enough, John D. Rockefeller famously replied, “Just a little more”. We’ve all thought this about some things. Whether it’s losing ‘enough’ weight, making ‘enough’ money, being loved ‘enough’ we all (mistakenly) believe that if we get ‘enough’ of ‘whatever’, we’ll be ‘happy’. And since a lot of us either want many things, or aren’t sure which things we want the most, we tend to maximize ‘enough toward everything’. So we end up chasing many ‘enoughs’ and, even if we get them, we (amazingly) aren’t happy.

Here I discuss the Law of Diminishing Returns (or Cost/Benefit Analysis) as a metric to learn that ‘enough’ is less than we think. And I use this ‘rule’ to help prioritize my life and focus on what things I need to maximize, and how to be efficient about it so I have enough energy left over for all the other stuff.

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