KEW Episode 23: Who’s Right?

Would you rather be right, or be happy?

It’s a good question. It also subtly implies that if you’re right, you aren’t necessarily happy. I know when I push to ‘win’ an argument, or to ‘be right’, I usually feel a little guilty. Certainly not victorious or celebratory. Being right usually means having to tell someone they’re wrong.

I guess some things have pretty clear right and wrong. 2 + 2 = 4. But one could argue that, for fun and through a discourse, that math is made up by humans and blah, blah. But we can probably agree that some things are more clearly correct than others.

But our opinions, ideas, and thoughts toward or about certain, more emotional elements of humanity can certainly have multiple ‘rights’. What’s right (about some things) for one person, may not be right for me.

Here I argue that being happy is more important, and that having to be right, or choose winners and losers, is only making the U.S.A., and probably other parts of the world, more divided – and that is basically unhappiness at the global population level. I also add that some things are critical to be right about (e.g., personal boundaries).

How about you? Would you rather be right or happy?

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2 thoughts on “KEW Episode 23: Who’s Right?

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