KEW Episode 25: I Suck At. . .

I suck at a bunch of things. This video is about how we can have very high ranking values (e.g., be a good spouse, parent, sibling, child) that we often don’t live up to. I just wanted to share some of my important values that I struggle to meet. I think we all beat ourselves up too much and often fail to recognize our achievements, and just wanted to call that out. I also get a little tired of people talking about how easy personal growth is and how they have achieved so highly. I think sharing about our shortcomings can also be helpful. In the end, I don’t think our ‘suckage’ is nearly as bad as we think. Those of us who strive for personal growth can get bogged down and frustrated by our failures, and hopefully calling my failures to your attention will help us all treat ourselves a little better.

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2 thoughts on “KEW Episode 25: I Suck At. . .

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