KEW Episode 26: Habits – Why are they so hard to break?

Seriously. WTF? Habits are really hard to change. Trying to exercise? Eat better? Cleaning up your potty mouth? It ain’t easy. And the crazy thing is, as hard as habits are to change it seems like picking up bad habits is easy. Changing habits is hard stuff. And I’m not just talking about physical addictions or bad habits. Besides just habitual behavior we also have emotional and intellectual habits that could use some modification. I overthink to the point of anxiety – I’d like to change that habit! I have an addiction to nicotine – that one needs to go. I habitually prioritize my family’s needs over my own – this one is HUGE, and I STRUGGLE to even modify it a little. In this episode I’ll discuss my own issues and demonstrate how the struggle to change habits is universal. I don’t have much advice to offer, except that changing habits is probably a slow process that will require some effort – there’s no magic bullet.

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2 thoughts on “KEW Episode 26: Habits – Why are they so hard to break?

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