Preview KEW Episode 28: Doubt

This week I discuss something I wrestle with daily: Doubt. Particularly Self-Doubt.

I used to fancy myself a “Cartesian” thinker. Meaning, like Descartes, I would doubt things to be true until I could not longer find evidence of their falseness and therefore accept them as true. Sort of like Descartes’, “I think, therefore, I am”. Even typing that out seems pretentious – yuck. I guess I fancied myself a philosopher. Or a scientist. But, really, being a ‘doubter’ was really just an excuse I used to mask my negativity.

I don’t think I was really being Cartesian. I was being cynical, or even pessimistic. What started out as ‘healthy’ doubt became unhealthy negativity.

But i think doubt can be healthy if we use it to remind ourselves that we may not be right. Too many of us think we’re right all the time – that’s where doubt can be a useful ally.

Preview clip here:

Full video and podcast this Friday!

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