KEW Episode 28: Doubt

Doubt is tricky. A little bit is a good things. Too many of us think we’re right all the time – and that simply can’t be true. A little bit of doubt is healthy and says, ‘hey, i may be wrong here’.

Admitting you may be wrong, and doubting your ability to ‘know the truth’ is healthy. However, doubt can become a lifestyle. Take it from me. I used to fancy myself as a ‘Cartesian thinker’ or one who ‘thinks, therefore, I am’. I told myself that I ‘doubted things until I couldn’t prove them untrue’. Just typing that out sounds horribly pretentious and is embarrassing to admit.

Not only was I delusional about my scientific or philosophical prowess, I allowed my doubt to grow in to cynicism, and even pessimism. You see, it’s easier to be negative than it is to be positive, and doubt can push you toward negativity real quick like. Or at least it did me.

I realized during the recoding of this podcast that my ‘healthy cynicism (doubt)’ had grown into a negative pessimism. And all I was trying to do is remind myself that I could be wrong. So remember to keep your healthy doubt in check!

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5 thoughts on “KEW Episode 28: Doubt

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