Curiosity Interview series

Just an update on my idea to do an interview series about Curiosity. It is becoming apparent that a major theme of my blog/podcast/vlog is Curiosity. I guess I’m a naturally curious person. But I guess I thought everyone was curious. So it’s interesting to me to think about the continuum of super curious to I-don’t-give-a-rats-ass about stuff. To me, curiosity is part of being human and something to be nurtured. It brings me joy and excitement. Curiosity is stimulating. It’s something to look forward to in the morning when I get out of bed.

So far I have reached out to ten people who have inspired me. Mostly other podcasters, because I listen to a lot of podcasts. Also a handful of friends. So far I have heard back from four people – two friends and two people I admire but don’t know. I’m pretty happy with that and grateful for their interest. I hope to get at least ten people from diverse backgrounds to complete the series.

If all goes as planned (not really planned, though) I hope to start releasing episodes in the Curiosity series starting in January 2021!

Thanks for your Curiosity!


Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

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