FLASHBACK! Episode 13: Slavery

Slavery is a disgusting topic but I had to share my thoughts in this episode. Most of us think about the terrible movement of africans to the southern US that led to the civil war. But it turns out that slave labor is a critical part of many business models. Here I argue that slavery remains fairly common today in the form of cruddy, low paying jobs. Look around at the businesses that rely on cheap labor to turn a profit. In my opinion, if a business can’t allot a reasonable amount of revenue to labor costs, then it shouldn’t be a business. Instead, we see businesses minimize their labor expenses to pay profits to shareholders. How is that not slavery?

Preview video: https://business.facebook.com/kpluseiswise/videos/860631744754475/

Full episode links: https://chrisburcher.com/2020/07/17/kew-episode-13-slavery/

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