Preview KEW Episode 40: Get Out of Your Head!

I realized recently that I have spent nearly ten years in therapy. And it was pointed out to me by upcoming interviewee, Mandy Napier (The Mindset Alchemist) that this is too long to have not made much progress. In my defense, I have made A LOT of progress intellectually. But intellectual understanding hasn’t facilitated major changes in my beliefs, habits, and feelings. Mandy, as well as Neil Bjorklund, pointed out to me that my brain is only part of the puzzle and I need to connect with the ‘rest of me’.

The ‘rest of me’, as I had learned years ago, also includes my heart and my gut – my intuitive and emotional ‘feelings’ toward my situation, decision, or approaches. I am now learning HOW to connect with those parts – because it is much, much different than connecting with my mind. I will argue this week that MOST of us don’t remember how to connect with our ‘whole selves’, rather, we spend most of our time in our heads.

Here’s a preview:

full Episode this Friday.

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