FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 20: Enough

How much is enough?


How much money? How much power? How much recognition? How many followers? How many likes?

Similar to the ‘Growth Fallacy‘ I discuss in Episode 39, I think it’s a mistake to assume more is going to solve whatever problem we think it’s going to solve.

In fact, being obsessed with more, or enough, or growing, or being on that path is a guaranteed ticket to get stuck on the hamster wheel, and remain a Rat Racer. And I don’t think that’s what we really want.

We just think we do.

We think more money, followers, likes, muscles, whatever, is going to solve our problem.

Those solutions don’t work. Maybe temporarily they do, but more is not the solution.

The solution is to redefine ‘Enough’.

Sometimes enough is a quantity. $70k a year salary is ‘enough’ to meet a family’s needs.

Other times it’s about redefining why you want, or think you need, these things in the first place. For example, enough followers is an illusion. Instead of obsessing over social media attention, maybe dig deep and think about why you think you need that in the first place. For me, it’s a false belief that other people define my value. They don’t. I’m working on that.

I think most of our ‘enough’ are qualitative, and really about redefining what we think we need, and figuring out how to change our Old Beliefs.

I hope you enjoy this FLASHBACK! Here’s a preview: https://fb.watch/3wWOXp3N38/

New episode Friday!

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