KEW Curiosity Interview Series 6: Dan Faill

Doing these interviews has been so much fun, and meeting new people (especially during the pandemic) is very nourishing. Getting to meet Dan Faill was no exception. Dan is exuberant, funny, has a lot of wisdom to share, and isn’t afraid to be real about it.

For years Dan’s directed Greek programs for colleges and you can tell he has a direct connection with young people (and he’s still pretty young himself). Serendipitously, Dan was invited to speak to a large audience and something clicked. He quickly switched over to inspirational and motivational speaking full time. And he has a gift for winning an audience. But more than that, Dan drills down pretty deep to the things that we don’t always like to talk about. One of his famous talks is “A night to forget, the intersection of blackouts and sex’ and he is very gentle, yet candid, when discussing difficult issues. You can find that talk, and others, here:

Dan Faill

More generally, all of Dan Faill’s brilliance are housed at and you are sure to find something inspiring or interesting to peruse. You will not be disappointed. At the very least, Dan is going to make you laugh because, well, you’ll see:)

Dan also appears to be modest given his outgoing personality. He embraces his last name in what he calls ‘Failing Forward’ and makes a solid argument about why failure is necessary and not something to avoid.

He is also a pro with respect to one of my favorite topics, Imposter Syndrome (also, least favorite).

In short, Dan is a storyteller. His delivery is vulnerable and trustworthy. He has a special way of humbling himself to the listener, and then clearly linking how his story is relevant to you.

And luckily, Dan also offers his uber-charismatic life lessons through coaching, which you can also find out about on his website.

I hope you enjoy listening to or watching the interview as much as I enjoyed recording it. Do yourself a favor and visit

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2 thoughts on “KEW Curiosity Interview Series 6: Dan Faill

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