Preview KEW Curiosity Interview Series 8: Bernhard Kutzler

Bernhard Kutzler ( has figured stuff out. And it’s no wonder because he spent 3.5 years trying. During this time he isolated himself from all outside influences so that he could figure out the meaning of life. I’m not kidding.

If nothing else, someone who has sacrificed so much of his life to ponder life’s biggest questions deserves our attention. Can you imagine? I can see myself doing a ten day silent meditation retreat, but three and a half years!? And what do you think you would learn during that time? Well, you can find out in this interview, by visiting Bernhard’s website and blog, and by reading his books.

You will likely disagree with a lot of what he found out – I’d say that’s normal. But what an opportunity to glimpse beyond our normal lives to see what comes up after an extended period of isolated reflection.

Preview video here:

Full interview episode this Friday, right here on KEW.

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