FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 43: Diversity and Uniqueness

This weeks’ FLASHBACK! is perfectly timed for the Are vs. Should Problem. In Episode 55 I introduced an idea that our uniqueness is related to our DNA and how DNA is really the underlying creator of our ARE. I’m now playing with an idea I’m calling the ‘Uniqueness Imperative’ that suggests that expressing our DNA in our passions and purpose is critical to solving our current human problems.

So this Episode is very timely and supportive of this emergent idea. I’m trying to express my belief that it is NECESSARY, and even IMPARATIVE, that we try as hard as we can to develop our AREs and suppress our SHOULD in order to move forward as a species. We need to lift up the millions of people who are starving, dying from preventable diseases, and experience unequal opportunity. We need to BE WHO WE ARE to unchain the creativity and new thinking that will allow everyone to explore their personal Are vs. Should.

In doing so, we will shift the balance from selfishness to connectedness.

The more the world can become the ARE, the more easily we can solve real problems.

As we release ourselves from the SHOULD, we reconnect with what is truly important.

Becoming more ARE will facilitate growth, for each of us as individuals and for the collective human species.

In this FLASHBACK, you will see the seeds of the DNA argument and understand why I believe we are each meant to express our unique selves into the world and share our individuality with each other. Increasingly, we are doing the opposite. And the suppression of our uniqueness, coupled with the worship of sameness, is destructive.

Link to original episode here: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/03/12/kew-episode-43-diversity-and-uniqueness/

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