Preview KEW Episode 59: Are vs Should Challenges

In this Episode I want to take a minute and acknowledge a few things. First, that not everyone has the luxury of pondering the Are vs. Should Problem. In even bringing it up I am letting my white privilege show. I grew up with enough food, enough safety, enough clean water, and enough love to meet my basic human needs. As a result I have LUXURY time to gaze at my naval and ask questions like, ‘Who Am I‘, ‘Who’s Right?’, or ‘Who Tells My Story?”. To hundreds of millions of people, these types of questions are ridiculous and privileged. I just wanted to take a second and point that out – in case it isn’t obvious already.

Secondly, a lot of us are so stuck in our ‘Should’ that we never realize anything is wrong. Many of us accept our anxiety, depression, angst, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness as elements of ‘being human’ that we can’t do anything about. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to ever wonder ‘Who Am I’ or ‘Where did I go wrong?”. Of course some people couldn’t care less about these types of questions, but I wonder why some of us are lucky enough to be curious about it and others are doomed mediocrity or apathy.

This week I talk a little bit about why we struggle with healing and suggest that recognizing the Are vs. Should Problem is key to improving our lives. Though it isn’t easy, it can be fairly simple.

Full Episode, audio and video, coming here this Friday.

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