FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 46: Values

Values, man.

If ever there were an oversimplification in the whole personal growth or self-help category, this is it.

What do you value? What are your values? It sounds sooo simple. But that’s deceptive.

For me, defining my values took WEEKS. And, worse than that, I THOUGHT I knew what they were. I think we all do.

I value family. Safety. Comfort. A good hot dog.

Whatever. We don’t really know what the options are, so how do we know we covered it.

To REALLY nail your values – and you REALLY need to to make quick progress – you have to put in some hard work. And by hard work, I mean repetition. And by repetition, I mean you have to be PERSISTENT.

It’s more simple, really.

Sit down quietly and ask yourself, ‘What do I value and love’, and, ‘What gets me out of bed in the morning’. Make a list. Read the list.


Take each thing you wrote down and GO DEEPER. Why do you value love? What is love anyway? Is this about a person? Write all that down. Write some more. Instead of a word you’ll have pages. Now ask yourself again. GO DEEPER. AGAIN.

Repeat that for every word on your original list and go through 6-10 iterations of each, going deeper until you can’t go any deeper. Take a few days. Take a few weeks. Take a few months.

Yeah, it sounds crazy. And maybe your final list will look just like your original list, but mine didn’t. It was close, but in the end I fell like the work taught me a lot more than writing that original list. I have now internalized and automated my values. I can now use them as guideposts in my decision-making and growth.

I hope you enjoy the video or audio.

Original post is here,

KEW Episode 46: Values

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