Preview KEW Episode 70: The Great Resignation

Over the last few weeks we’ve been hearing a lot about people quitting their jobs and not going back to work. Some economist coined the term, ‘The Great Resignation’ to describe this more-than-usual number of people leaving the workforce. Also called the ‘Big Quit’, there are something like 5 Million more people not working than there would be without Covid.

And I have been wrestling with what I see as a contradiction to all this unemployment. When I look around I see businesses with more work than they know what to do with. Sure, some restaurants aren’t as busy, but they are the ones complaining that they can’t find anyone to work. And contractors have more work than usual, but no laborers to do it. Something is going on that doesn’t make much sense.

There’s a lot happening, and it could be my own myopic viewpoint, but I think there is great confusion in the US economy right now with so many people ‘not working’ yet so much work to be done. No one’s working but everyone is buying or remodeling a house?

This week I’ll explore my thoughts, share a bunch of links to various articles sharing their thoughts, and ask you what you think. Preview below, full Episodes this Friday at

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