FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 52: Hard and Soft Realities / The Are vs. Should Prob

Thinking about the person you ARE and the person you feel like you SHOULD BE can be confusing. I think we mostly know when we are doing something that fits with our ‘core values’, but sometimes we don’t.

Have you ever wondered what your motivation is in a certain situation?

For example, you find a $50 bill on the ground. Do you immediately stuff it in your pocket? Do you look around to see who might have dropped it? Or do you pause for a moment and wonder what to do?

It can be hard to know.

In Episode 51: The Personal Inventory I suggested a few ways to learn about your values, interests, and needs.

In this third installment of the Are vs. Should Problem I introduce a way to start separating our world so we can better understand it. And it’s a pretty simple split:

Hard realities are measurable. Things you can see. Science-y.

Things like, ‘how much money?’

How many years? How long? Where? Which career?

Hard realities are things that are distinct and pretty easy to identify.

I like hamburgers better than tacos.

Hard realities are black and white.

Soft realities are everything else.

They’re touchy-feely. They’re more abstract.

What are the different types of love?

Am I a liberal republican or a conservative democrat?

Soft realities are grey.

Deciding your position or opinion on things can be pretty hard. Splitting your list into hard and soft categories can make this process a lot easier.

Link to original post and full audio and video Episodes: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/07/02/kew-episode-52-hard-and-soft-realities/

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