PREVIEW KEW Episode 71: Sustainability

Are you familiar with the term ‘sustainability’? You may have heard it in the context of environmentalism, and that is a valid use. I actually came to the term via my Ecology and Evolutionary Biology training.

I think sustainability is simply about being aware that things run out.

My favorite definition is something like:

Making sure what you use doesn’t get used up.

In the context of The Are vs Should Problem, I think sustainability is related to our ‘Are’.

In other words, I don’t think living unsustainably in any way, except in rare cases that are extremely short-lived, is wrong.

In an environmental sense, this means we need to get our heads around our fossil fuel consumption IMMEDIATELY. Like, yesterday. That’s not a value judgement, that’s a sustainability issue.

With respect to our personal growth, we need to make sure the changes we implement are do-able over the long term. That the energy we use doesn’t get used up during the healing process. I think this is an often overlooked element of healing.

This week I’ll unwrap the idea of Sustainability in an ecological sense but also with respect to personal growth and healing.

Full Episode this Friday right here at

And also look forward to bonus Are Vs Should interview Episodes on Thursdays in the near future.

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