PREVIEW KEW Episode 72: What is Success?

How do YOU define success?

I would like to say I define success in terms of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t let money and power creep in there.

I think most of society, or at least the *SHOULD* elements from society and the process of Domestication teach us that money and power are the measures of success.

And to a large degree they are.

Look around. We are bombarded by ‘get rich quick schemes’, influencers with millions of likes, flashy cars and clothes, and seemingly perfect bodies.

All of these require money and power. Or at least that’s what we believe.

But many of us, myself included, DO measure our lives in different terms. We just feel like no one else does or cares.

And if I think it means a lot do be a good dad, but no one else does, it becomes harder to believe myself.

I wish we could normalize recognizing other measures of success so that we could all feel better about ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, all the money and power in the world isn’t going to solve our problems, make us happy, or find us love. Regardless of what Instagram tells you.

Full Episode Friday right here at Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom.

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