KEW Episode 72: What is Success?

If you said ‘money’ or ‘power’, you are not alone.

Sure, there are lots of different versions of success.

Getting a good grade.

Getting a raise or a better job.

Being invited to a prestigious event.

Being revered or treated like a celebrity.

But I think we can generally boil down the status quo definition of success to be related to having a lot of money or having a lot of power.

Mirriam-Webster tell us:

1 the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame

And we could measure these things in units that are NOT money or power. But do we?

That’s what I discuss in this week’s episode.

Personally, I think measuring success in dollars and power units like followers or likes or attention is limiting and short-sighted.

I would rather my life be measured in units of comfort. And peace. And calm. And love.

But that’s not sexy. Love doesn’t get you flashy cars or big houses. Or designer jeans. Or whatever it is that people value.

And there’s that word again: value.

It all comes down to our values.

What is important to you?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What do you find motivating?

I would guess that many people would say money or power. This is why it is so critical to really think about what you value in order to get on your best path.

Because I can’t imagine a life that considers money or power to be the only meaningful things one can experience.

In fact, I would say one needs to ‘get away’ from money and power to really experience the best things in life.

How did we get it so backwards? How is it that people measure success the way many of us do? How is it that we don’t see happiness or satisfaction as worthy achievements?

If nothing else, how do we let each other know that we value other things and that success can be measured other ways? How do we support each other in our alternatives?

Maybe that’s the question of the day.

So. How do you measure success?

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