KEW Are vs Should Interview Series: Paul Levitin

Paul Levitin is an ally. He can help you be better at things. Whether it is your body or your mind, Paul is trained to help improve you. And he won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. He recommends that you ‘interview’ him by listening to his Podcast, ‘The Healthy Happy Human’ to see if you like his style. I like his approach. I like him.

Paul answered my request to talk with people who understand The Are vs Should Problem. Paul had a lot to say about how we ‘should all over ourselves’ and why the person we ‘are’ is important. His strategies are interesting and extremely straightforward. There is something for everyone here.

I hope you give this entire interview a listen or a view – not for me, but for yourself. Paul has figured out a lot on his journey to help you. I recommend you let him do it by seeing what he has to say!

You can find Paul’s inspiration on instagram here:

You can find all of Paul’s professional info and links here:

Full podcast audio interview:

Full YouTube video interview:

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