FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 56: Domestication

Have you read anything by Don Miguel Ruiz? His most famous book is, ‘The Four Agreements: The Practical Guide to Personal Freedom‘, but he has several more. And both of his sons, Don Miguel, Jr. and Don Jose Ruiz have multiple books about Toltec wisdom.

Don Miguel just released a new book, ‘The Mastery of Life: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom‘ and it is incredible.

These guys Toltec ‘men of knowledge’ from a long lineage of people living in Mexico. You can learn more about the Toltecs here: https://www.historycrunch.com/toltec.html#/.

The key tenet of the Toltec/Ruiz family legacy that I talk about in this episode is Domestication. The Toltecs use this term to describe the ways humans are changed by the people around them as they grow up. Domestication starts immediately upon birth and continues throughout our lives.

During Domestication we learn how to do many helpful things like walk and talk but we also learn things like what religion we believe in or whether or not we live with our parents our whole lives.

In short, Domestication are the norms, rules, and laws we are taught that teach us what to believe and how to behave. Some of these things are incredibly helpful whereas others are not.

To varying degrees humans will question their beliefs as our lives unfold. We wonder why we feel a certain way about this or that. And often we have no answer. We can’t remember ever even thinking about whether we like eating animals, for example, and may realize we didn’t even know we had a choice. Or we sit in church one day and ask why we worship a God who doesn’t approve of our sexuality.

The Toltecs, and the Ruiz’s, teach us how to become aware of the ways we have been Domesticated and even demonstrate how we can change the beliefs we may no longer need or agree with.

I hope you enjoy this Episode. The original post with full audio and video is here: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/07/30/kew-episode-56-domestication/

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