Preview KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Paul Gadola (Part 1)

I sat down with my buddy Paul Gadola again, this time in real life! In my first live interview Paul and I talk about his new book (more about the book here), the Are vs Should Problem, and literally everything else.

That’s not entirely true, but we did talk for two hours. So I am releasing our (largely unedited) discussion in two parts.

Paul embodies the entirety of the mind/body/spirit. He has it all. Which is why hearing what he has to say is so meaningful to talk with (or listen to) him at length.

I include nearly the whole conversation because it was organic and we hit on so many important topics that I couldn’t cut anything out.

Paul is a wealth of knowledge and compassion and it makes me feel like a better person when I talk to him. It’s my hope that some of this translates to you when you listen or watch.

Full Episode this THURSDAY and part 2 will be released next week.

Paul’s instagram:

Iron Mountain Cross Fit:

Sun Meal Prep:

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