KEW Are vs Should Interview Series: Paul Gadola (Part 1)

I told Paul Gadola recently that he had climbed the mountain and returned to share his wisdom with us. In this two part interview series you’ll have a chance to see what I mean. From his background in teaching to his childhood thoughts about becoming a spiritual leader, Paul has a natural way of understanding how to help people.

He has a gym to help people’s bodies:

He and his wife have a freshly-prepared meals business to help people’s health:

He has written a book to help peoples minds and spirituality:

So he’s kind of the whole package. I’d say he’s kind of a big deal but he’d laugh that away.

This was a really fun and loose interview. It’s long. It was also live, as opposed to my usual zoom interviews, and so there’s a lot more me in it than I’d like. But there’s a lot of Paul, and the world could use more Paul Gadola.

All in all, this is a glimpse into Pauls’ mind and he ends up sharing many of his nuggets throughout the two hours. This week is Part 1, and next week I’ll share the second hour.

You can also check out my first interview with Paul Gadola where we talked about Curiosity.

I know your time is valuable, but I think you will enjoy listening or watching. At the very least Paul’s viewpoints are unique and he has a helpful way of summarizing things we already know in ways that make more sense.

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Podcast audio direct download:

YouTube video link:

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