FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 57:

Being confused is no fun. Think about a time in your life when you have conflicting things going on. Maybe it’s whether or not to leave your job. Or break up with a partner. Or to have kids or not.

As humans there is a lot of this cognitive dissonance. When you feel split into two or more pathways. Or two or more personalities.

In the 80’s we would joke about being ‘crazy’, having ‘multiple personalities’, or even being ‘schizophrenic’. We not know this is insensitive but it is still a very real thing.

In this Episode I’m not talking about serious mental illness, but I am pointing out something that many of us experience. This feeling that you have conflicting wants, needs, and ideas inside you.

I hit on a bunch of topics, but a major them is the IFS or Internal Family Systems model. IFS is a way of understanding our many ‘parts’ and to work toward integrating the parts into a unified system to address this dissonance.

Hope you enjoy this Flashback!

Original post with all the links here: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/08/06/kew-episode-57-multiple-personalities/

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