Preview KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Paul Gadola (Part 2)

I hope you are as lucky as I am and have someone like Paul Gadola in your life.

I this second part of our chat, the conversation starts firing on all cylinders. Lots of topics covered including Paul’s new book, “Integrity and Peace. Loving your neighbor and the Path of Truth” (available direct here), his background in hiking, the outdoors, and teaching, The Are vs Should Problem, and religion.

Those of you patient enough to watch and/or listen will be rewarded with a healthy boost of curiosity and stimulated spiritual momentum.

I include two video snippets from our conversation below.

The first hits on a key element from Paul’s book.

The second is a piece of the Are vs Should Problem.

Full Episodes of Part 2 this Thursday right here at KEW.

A topic covered in Paul’s Book.

Paul comments on the Are vs Should Problem with a unique example.

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