Preview KEW Episode 76: Why Am I?

Some folks may think this is a silly question. But if you’re reading this you probably think it’s a great question. First, thanks for coming!

Second, I ask this question fairly literally as a means of transitioning along the pathway that is The Are vs Should Problem.

For the last 25 (twenty-five!) Episodes I have followed my thoughts about the struggle between the person we ARE and the person we feel like we SHOULD BE. Now it’s time to shift from the WHATs to the HOWs.

But first, we gotta think about the WHYs.

A few years back I took a real estate investment class to learn how to generate passive income. In this course the FIRST THING we learned was to write out our WHY.

In the case of real estate investing, students WHYs addressed things like freedom, financial independence, safety, their children future. . . and many other things. Mostly, though, WHYs fell into these categories.

But truthfully, after a few classes dedicated to just our WHYs and not actual real estate, or money, or anything. I was getting a bit frustrated and even felt like the teachers were stalling.

I just wasn’t taking it seriously enough.

I didn’t get it.

So when I started hitting therapy and coaching (as a patient and client) really hard I worked through similar issues. I spent the better part of FOUR MONTHS figuring out my WHY as well as my VALUES. I started to see a pattern. And more importantly, BELIEVE that my WHY and my VALUES were actually useful and worth spending some time on.

So as I shift from the WHATs to the HOWs or HOW-TOs, we’ll first talk about WHYs and WHY their so important.

Full Episode Friday right here at KEW.

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