KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Paul Gadola (Part 2)

What more can I say about Paul Gadola?

I’m lucky to know him.

I’ve interviewed him twice for my blog/podcast/YouTube channel.

I look at him as someone who has been up the mountain and come back down to share his wisdom with us.

I think he’d be a great whatever a pastor/preacher/rabbi is supposed to be.

He has written a book you should get from him (see below; because you can’t buy one on amazon yet).

He’s an anti guru anti influencer.

He’s the kind of guy who is awesome and doesn’t care. He’d rather just get to know you.

You can find out a lot about Paul listening to this interview Part 2.

As well as Part 1.

And also his first interview here about Curiosity.

Oh, and also all of these places:

He has a gym to help people’s bodies:

He and his wife have a freshly-prepared meals business to help people’s health:

He has written a book to help peoples minds and spirituality:

Part 2 podcast audio download is here:

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YouTube video is here:

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