FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 57: Multiple Personalities

Have you ever felt like you were hearing multiple voices? Like in the ‘Are vs Should Problem’, there are two voices – the Are and the Should – vying for your attention. Sometimes it’s more than two. Which choice should you make? What will you order off the menu? Which alternate route home will be the quickest at 4:30 PM?

All of us hear voices in our heads and they are often conflicting. Unfortunately, this type of thing is often laughed about or jokingly compared to serious mental illness. I’m not talking about serious mental illness in this Episode, but I am talking about multiple personalities.

Mostly I’m talking about Internal Family Systems (IFS), which is a fairly new model for understanding our internal voices. IFS treats the human personality as being comprised of multiple voices, called ‘parts’, that play different roles in our day-to-day lives. Most of the time, these parts are unaware of each other an often induce conflicting behaviors or thoughts. Hence, the ‘multiple personalities’ that often disagree. Working with IFS trained therapists or coaches we can learn to bring our disparate parts together to form a family of parts that are aware of each other.

More on that in this FLASHBACK! episode, and two upcoming interviews.

Original blog post with links to full audio and video versions of Episode 57: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/08/06/kew-episode-57-multiple-personalities/

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