Preview KEW Episode 77: Who is KEW for?

As we pivot from WHAT the Are vs Should Problem is to HOW we deal with it, I wanted to take a minute to further define the KEW listener. Basically, you are someone who is a bit like me, but with plenty of room for differentiation. We are certainly going to be dissimilar, but how are we alike?

You have spent most of your life analytical, trusting science and pragmatism over your gut.

However, you are starting to wonder about all the ‘other stuff’ that science can not explain.

You consider yourself intelligent, well informed, and curious.

You have felt isolated in your own world, more comfortable in your head than out in society.

You are suspicious or skeptical of the status quo and shun conformity.

Rather, you are attracted to the sidelines. The fringes. Alternative communities.

You are seeking something, but you aren’t quite sure what.

If this sounds like you then we should talk.

Check out the short preview below for more ‘is Kew for you?’ and stay tuned Friday for the entire Episode.

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