KEW Episode 77: Who is KEW for?

As you know, we have been exploring the Are vs Should Problem; the struggle between the people we are and the people we feel like we should be. Since Episode 50, but really since about Episode 42, and ARGUABLY since Episode 1 I have been developing the ideas and concepts that load into the Are vs Should modality.

I hope you have found some value in these Episodes.

And I hope you will journey with me toward the next Phase of this model development

In the next Episode or two, I will go through the pivot from WHAT the Are vs Should Problem IS, and all the little pieces that are relevant to people struggling with this cognitive dissonance, toward the HOW-TO of ‘what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-now’ part of the deal.

Because living more in the Are and less in the Should takes work. And it isn’t just the kind of work where one day you say, ‘ok, I’m going to change’ and then wake up the next day all changed.

No, this is a life long path way that has no destination.

And we begin this journey by understanding who we are, why we’re here, what we’re doing, and how we’re going to do it.

So I wanted to take this Episode, and perhaps another. . . or two. . . and figure out who you are and tell you more about who I am.

All this to help you figure out if this is worth your time.

Briefly, someone who is going to benefit from this journey, or the past journey, of KEW is:









Distrusting of the status-quo


Appreciative of diversity


And so much more. But that’s a start. I’m still figuring out who I am, after all.

I am looking forward to this trip and hope you will join me.

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See y’all next week.

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