Preview KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Stephanie Mitchell

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Stephanie Mitchell this week.

Stephanie is a psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant residing in beautiful Adelaide, Australia. She primarily works with complex trauma and psychosis and is very much focused on using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to help people live better lives.

I met Stephanie on a facebook IFS group and she graciously agreed to talk with us about IFS. You can get a glimpse of this in the short video below.

If you have listened to any of my last 30 or so Episodes, you’ll know that I am working with an IFS coach and have found success using this model after being unable to change using traditional talk therapies.

If you have any interest in IFS, are looking for a potential coach or healer to help you on your journey, or are just curious about Stephanie’s interesting life please stay tuned. The full audio and video from our talk is coming this Thursday right here on KEW.

Thank you for following, commenting, and subscribing. Your attention is encouraging.

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