Preview KEW Episode 80: Simplicity, Parsimony, and Occam’s Razor

Simplicity: easy; not overly complex

Parsimony: careful use of resources

Occam’s Razor: the model with the fewest assumptions is best

So, yeah.

Life should be simple (not easy), parsimonious (nothing wasted), and reductive (few parts).

Makes sense to me.

And that is the skeleton of the KEW model of ‘living a better life’, or

Suffering less, or

Finding less dis-satisfaction, or

Being more peaceful, or

Experiencing more calm.

Call it what you want. We are preparing for a journey whose ultimate destination or goal is to live more easily. To experience less turmoil as life unfolds. To realize joy more often. And to more easily let go of the stress and turmoil that often comes with this thing called life.

I’ll expand a bit on all of that in this Episode, before launching into more explicit action steps or how-tos in Episode 81.

Unfortunately, there is no video for Episode 80 but I will still upload the audio to both podcast and YouTube.

Full Episodes this Friday, right here at Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

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