KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Stephanie Mitchell

If you follow Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom you will be familiar with IFS. If you are not familiar, Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a psychotherapy model used to heal past trauma.

In IFS, we view ourselves as being comprised of ‘parts’ that resemble siblings in a big family. These parts have taken on roles over time that we continue to implement as they all serve some purpose in our internal ‘family’.

The process of working with IFS is to help these parts figure out why they do what they do and offer them new roles that might better serve the family. Through this process, parts become aware of each other, learn to interact, and learn to trust a central figure referred to as Self with a capital S.

Stephanie Mitchell is an Australian dynamo who specializes in using IFS to heal people with significant psychological issues including schizophrenia. She is well known and runs a practice with many supporting staff.

She lives and breathes IFS because she strongly believes in the utility of the model. She has seen it work in extreme cases and, especially, with herself.

Anyone interested in personal growth, therapy, or coaching will enjoy this interview. You get insight about how IFS works both in therapy and in a day-to-day practice. You’ll learn about some typical parts and how they interact and heal. And you’ll get the gospel straight from the source.

I am proud to present this interview and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Stephanie Mitchell

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