Preview KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Gretchen Winterkorn

Besides winning the ‘coolest name’ award, Gretchen is a wonderful person and I’m lucky to have met her.

This interview just made me feel good. And I’m fairly sure it was reciprocal. And I’m even more sure you are going to feel the same if you check it out.

Gretchen lives on her flower farm with her partner and child, having left the 60-hour-workweeks of New York City for a simpler life.

She is a psychotherapist and healer. As well as a flower grower. And she really gets the Are vs Should Problem. I can’t wait for you to meet her and listen/watch the wisdom she shares this week.

Here’s a quote from her website:

“Real growth is messy, dirty hard work that results in some of the most beautiful blossoming I’ve ever seen – from humans and plants.”

Full Episode Thursday at KEW.

Preview KEW Episode 78: Assumptions and Core Principles

As we figure out exactly what is happening at KEW, which is mostly coming up with workable strategies to help analytical, empathic, and intelligent folks live calmer and more relaxed lives, it’s necessary to state our assumptions and identifying elements.

In any good scientific endeavor (and this ISN’T science, but I’m trying to take a standardized and similar APPROACH) it’s nice to state your assumptions up front. It tells the reader/listener/viewer/colleague where your head was when you began.

Usually assumptions are peer-reviewed, or at least things you’ve discussed with other people so you know they aren’t ridiculous – and that most people will not have trouble accepting them so they can move forward with the rest of your material.

For example, if you were trying to illustrate that COVID is a conspiracy, and you stated the assumption up front that ‘all liberals are stupid’, that would not be sound. Half your audience would not believe you, and part of the other half would be suspicious. Sure, some folks would be all in, but you get the point.

In this Episode I’ll lay out as much as I can about things I believe to be true and necessary before we move forward to the ‘how-to’ Episodes related to the Are vs Should Problem.

Full podcast audio and YouTube video this Friday.

Humans, much less Earth, are not the center of the universe.

KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Bruce Nachsin

Bruce Nachsin came to us through a podcaster facebook group. He has his own podcast called, ‘The Fattest Fit Kid You Know’. He’s super funny, a Hollywood actor, and knows a thing or two about living in your ‘Are’. It was incredibly fun (and funny!) to sit and talk with Bruce for an hour or so.

Besides just being super funny and entertaining, Bruce has a lot to say about podcasting, changing old habits, and helping each other out in this complicated world. Like I told him, my face was red the whole time from laughing so hard.

But Bruce isn’t just being funny to be funny. It’s his way of talking about hard stuff – by making it real and laughing at himself. Somehow that makes us feel okay to laugh at ourselves and maybe, just maybe, be compassionate toward ourselves. And each other.

You’ll get a good feel for Bruce’s insight from the short video preview below.

Also, check out Bruce’s homepage where you’ll see the different kinds of things he’s done.

Full podcast download here:

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Thanks, everybody.