KEW Preview: The Are vs Should Interview Series: Dawn Bates

This week I am kicking off my second interview series IN ADDITION to my regular weekly episode.

I am asking folks about their thoughts on the Are vs Should Problem, or the struggle many of us experience between the person we ARE and the person we feel like we SHOULD BE.

Dawn Bates is a helper. She is a coach, author, and warrior. Her personality is confident and authoritative. You get an excellent introduction in our interview where she shares what she does, how she works, and what she believes (and doesn’t believe) in.

You even get to see her coach me and prescribe a way out of my own issues. The preview below pretty much summarizes my ten years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy work.

While Dawn doesn’t explicitly answer my question about the Are vs Should Problem, she fills in the blanks with her own unique brand of self awareness technique.You can find out more about her at

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KEW Curiosity Series Interview 3: DJ Doran

I met DJ Doran when he reached out to interview me about my podcast. We hit it off rather quickly, and of course I had to have him on to discuss Curiosity.

In fact, the whole Curiosity interview series was inspired by DJ!

See, DJ told me my podcast made him curious, and he’s a very curious guy as you’ll see. And I realized that I am driven, in large part, by curiosity. It’s in my daily life, it’s in my music, and it’s in KEW. But I had never thought about it, and certainly hadn’t realized it.

DJ is an amazing guy. After a successful career as a pilot in the Air Force Reserves, he has become a leader and visionary in the LGBTQ community. He has lived on a sailboat. He has a daughter. He’s the model of professionalism, yet super laid back. He’s knowledgeable as hell, but maintains a natural curiosity about the world around us.

Curiosity is funny like that. It isn’t obvious. Some people have it and others don’t seem to care. For people like DJ and me, we sort of automatically bring curiosity into our daily endeavors. We can’t help it. It’s natural. And, as DJ will explain, curiosity can be very nuanced.

Curiosity can be brave. It can be scary. And it carries with it a certain responsibility to grow.

Curiosity can reveal who your real friends are. It is our ally.

But I’m letting my curiosity be too verbose.

To maintain the organic nature of our chat, I include the entire conversation here. I apologize for my audio, which is distorted, but DJ sounds great.

Please explore DJ’s work. You can find links to most of what he does on his facebook site (his podcast) and at Aequalitas media (his media company).

I hope you enjoy listening to or watching the interview as much as we did doing it.

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