FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 31: Parenting

I was just talking with my good friend, Paul Gadola, who you may know from KEW Curiosity Interview Series 1, about kids. He and his wife have chosen not to have any and are very happy they don’t, whereas I have four kids. It’s usually difficult for me to relate to non-parents to at least some degree, but with Paul it is not hard at all.

The differences reflect life choices, but a foundation of empathy connects us.

The point I want to make is that this episode is not just for people that have kids. It is valuable to understand all points of view in order to feel more connected to each other.

Parenting is the toughest job I have ever had. But that may just be me. After being a stay-at-home parent for several years, and generally speaking the primary caregiver for nearly 20 years, I now look at having a job as having a hobby that pays you money.

Now, some jobs SUCK hard, and that’s a little different. But many people enjoy their work, just like many people really love parenting.

But parenting is harder, again, in my opinion. It has more challenges and fewer rewards. And even though you may find it difficult to talk to your demanding and angry boss, at least he or she can communicate using grown up words.

The point of this episode wasn’t to knock parenting, or not having kids, or any of it. Rather, it is my attempt to balance the playing field so that we all understand one another, and can, like Paul and myself, be more understanding and empathetic to decisions we make.

And maybe that’s a model for everyone to consider about all issues.

Interestingly, and out of pure coincidence, I just did a guest interview on the Impactful Parent Podcast:





Here’s a direct link to my interview: https://theimpactfulparent.com/parenting-podcast/

about bullying! One of the elements that certainly makes parenting (and being a kid) challenging. Check out Kristina’s website and what she is doing to help parents.

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KEW Episode 31: Parenting

As a parent this topic is always on my mind. Am I a good parent? What should I be doing with my kids? Are my kids alright? Parenting can kind of dominate your identify if you let it. Especially for primary caregivers. And if you’re not a parent, you had parents. Or guardians who influenced you as a kid. So most of us had some sort of parental influence and might even be playing the influencer role currently or in the future.

I used to tell new parents that whatever you do is right. Now, that might not be entirely true, but it’s pretty accurate for parents who mean well. All of us can complain about something our parents did that shaped our lives forever, but most of our parents did the best they could. It’s an amazing relationship between ‘parent’ and ‘child’ and deserves a bit more out-of-the-box attention.

Here I share some of my observations about my parenting experience and my observations of other parents, non-parents, and kids. Turns out this is a huge topic and I barely scratched the surface. 

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