Preview KEW The Are vs Should Interview Series: Kate Stark

This week I chat with Kate Stark, parent and child advocate living in Sheffield, UK. She started off helping new parents learn to use baby carriers appropriately, and was so good she now coaches and teaches new parents all sorts of things.

Turns out, her work and beliefs touch upon the Are vs Should Problem in new and enlightening ways.

This was a fun, informative, and encouraging talk and you are going to enjoy it.

Below is a clip of Kate sharing her observations about something every new parent deals with: imposter syndrome.

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Preview KEW Episode 79: Less Struggle, More Calm

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you get anxious sometimes?

Is anger part of your normal reaction to unexpected things?

Do tiny little things sometimes irritate the crap out of you?

Most of us struggle to some degree and could use a bit more calm in our lives.

And a lot of this discomfort is normal and unavoidable, but what if we could reduce it a bit? Wouldn’t that be nice?

One of the main goals, one of MY main goals, it to figure out easy ways to do this. Ways to simplify our lives and figure out how to suffer less and be more peaceful.

As KEW moves forward with the Are vs Should Problem, I’m learning a lot about you and what we need in order to live better lives.

This week I expand on Who can benefit from KEW and a bit more about HOW we can find more peace, feel more calm, and reduce the unpleasantness that comes with life.

Full Episode this Friday right here at KEW. Thanks for tuning in.