KEW Episode 15: Rat Racer

Are you a Rat Racer? You know, someone who wholeheartedly embraces the rat race? We're all born having made unconscious agreements to run the race to get good grades, get a good job, make a lot of money, marry the right person, etc., etc. but do we every really stop and ask ourselves if it's …

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Preview Episode 15: Rat Racer

The great Lily Tomlin is credited with saying, "Even if you win the Rat Race, you're still a rat". This phrase has been with me since I saw her on the Carol Burnett show in the 70s. I was young, but I got it. For some reason I've always rejected the idealized model of human …

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KEW Episode 14: What Can We Learn from COVID?

COVID sucks. No doubt. But often discomfort is our best teacher and there is always something to learn from suffering. In the case of COVID we are being forced to reexamine how we shop, travel, work, and educate. We have focused hard on our needs and had to let slip a bit on the wants. …

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KEW Episode 13: Slavery

Here I argue that besides the common forms of slavery we are familiar with that all sorts of *slavery persist in human culture today. Gluttonous humans have just become sneakier at disguising it. (*there is probably a better term to describe the general concept of forced labor I discuss here, and to give credence to …

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KEW Episode 12: Fear

We all have fears about a lot of different things. Some are benign and don't really affect our daily lives. Like a fear of spiders. Yeah, we freak out when we see one but most people don't worry every time they put their shoes on that a black widow will bite them. Other fears can …

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KEW Episode 12: Fear Coming Friday (preview link)

Fear literally cripples us. It gets in the way of doing 'fun stuff'. It reduces our life experiences. Let's face it, it is an ultimate cause of MANY of our struggles in life. In this episode I share my fears and discuss ways I've tried to live with it and minimize fears' influence.

KEW Episode 11: Analysis Paralysis

You definitely know about this one. So many choices when making a decision that you get overwhelmed. So overwhelmed, sometimes, that you can't even MAKE the decision and end up stuck; paralyzed. Mostly, I think, it's fear that keeps us stuck. Kind of like the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). But I think the biggest …

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