FLASHBACK! Episode 12: Fear

Fear can be crippling, but it can also be helpful. Fear certainly got us through some tough evolutionary times. “no, don’t pet the big kitty, be afraid of it eating you.” Or something like that.

Nowadays though, we’re afraid of everything. Failure. Looking bad. Getting made fun of. Making mistakes. Pretty sure our ancestors didn’t intend for us to live in a fearful state of what people might think about us. I don’t think natural selection was ‘choosing’ a fearful state to be status quo for future homo sapiens.

In this flashback I talk about good and bad fears, and what we can and can’t do about them. Be friends with our allies, but get rid of the monkeys on our backs.

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KEW Episode 31: Parenting

As a parent this topic is always on my mind. Am I a good parent? What should I be doing with my kids? Are my kids alright? Parenting can kind of dominate your identify if you let it. Especially for primary caregivers. And if you’re not a parent, you had parents. Or guardians who influenced you as a kid. So most of us had some sort of parental influence and might even be playing the influencer role currently or in the future.

I used to tell new parents that whatever you do is right. Now, that might not be entirely true, but it’s pretty accurate for parents who mean well. All of us can complain about something our parents did that shaped our lives forever, but most of our parents did the best they could. It’s an amazing relationship between ‘parent’ and ‘child’ and deserves a bit more out-of-the-box attention.

Here I share some of my observations about my parenting experience and my observations of other parents, non-parents, and kids. Turns out this is a huge topic and I barely scratched the surface. 

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Preview KEW Episode 31: Parenting

Whether you have kids or not, you probably had some sort of guardians who raised you. Or at at least changed your diapers and fed you. Not everyone has kids, but you might one day; or at least have friends who do.

These relationships we call ‘parent’ and ‘child’ can be very complex. And much of what happens during our youth affects our adulthood. For better or worse.

Here I talk a bit about elements of parenting or growing up that you may not have considered. Or at least offer my unique insight about what parenting does to a person.

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Full episode this Friday.

FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 11: Analysis Paralysis

The need to make the ‘correct’ decision in any situation can literally paralyze us into not making any decision at all. It could be ‘needing a minute’ at the restaurant because you can’t decide what to eat, or whether you should quit your job to pursue an acting career. Both decisions are driven by so much pressure, stress, and societal input that it’s hard to find ourselves.

So we analyze. Instead of committing to something we ‘think about it’ too much. Sometimes we even forget what decision we were trying to make in the first place.

Here I share what I’ve learned from my personal suffering. I’m no guru, and don’t profess to have ‘figured it out’, but people smarter than me have shared their knowledge and I’m just passing it on. Add that to my personal experiences and maybe there’s a chunk of wisdom in here:)

Preview video here: https://fb.watch/1XpaasvhK8/

Full episode links: https://chrisburcher.com/2020/07/03/kew-episode-11-analysis-paralysis/

KEW Episode 30: Quality

I became sort of obsessed with the idea of quality after reading Robert Pirsig’s ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’. Not that it matters but at one time this was the best selling philosophy book in the world. Which is kind of weird because it’s really just a story about a guy who goes ‘crazy’ trying to define what quality is.

I’m not trying to drive myself or anyone else crazy, but I think the concept of quality deserves a bit more attention. Mostly because many people confuse quality with ‘opinion’. 

Think about it. What makes one thing better than another thing? Price? Materials? Durability?  Can you even really tell? Do you understand how to, or have the resources to really assess an items’ (or idea, emotion, etc.) quality? What makes one beer better than another beer? Or phone? Or TV? Vehicle? Think about this and I think you’ll see how easily our opinions cloud our ability to really *see* an item or thought for what it is, rather than for what it does to/for us.

Here I argue that semantics matter and that quality and opinion or different things. I hope you find it useful. Thank you for your curiosity.

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Preview KEW Episode 30: Quality

Quality is one of those words we think we understand but I’m going to argue that we really don’t. Quality is about the inherent characteristics of an item or idea. But instead of assessing these characteristics we tend to describe quality in terms of how the item makes us feel or whether we like it or not.

I argue that our assessment of quality is often nothing more than our opinion. Which is fine, but it is important not to confuse terms. As much as I sometimes hate semantics, we have a diverse language and we should use it. Or maybe we shouldn’t? Maybe it’s fine to change the meaning of words to suit whatever we want? Tongue firmly in cheek.

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FLASHBACK! KEW Episode 10: Connectedness

In these divisive times I hope you find this episode compelling. If you already understand how connected *everything* is to everything else, please help spread the word.

We are stardust

We are golden

We are billion year old carbon

All repackaged generation after generation.

Connected through molecules

Connected through history.

Connected through energy.

Being divided goes against the very evolutionary principles that have dominated literally every process that has happened since the big bang.


Preview link here: https://business.facebook.com/kpluseiswise/videos/1004085276777860/

Original post here: https://chrisburcher.com/2020/06/26/kew-episode-10-connectedness/

KEW Episode 29: Gratitude

Gratitude is touted as being able to improve an array of human problems. Anger, depression, anxiety, dieting, and other stressful issues have decreased in people who practice out being grateful with some regularity. Psychologists, neurologists, and therapists suggest being grateful as part of any self-improvement plan.

But what is it about ‘feeling thankful’ that produces calm, peace, and satisfaction where before there was anxiety, anger, and suffering?

I’m sure I don’t know, but this week I talk about gratitude and my experience with very brief gratitude practice.

In short, I think practicing gratitude, at the very least, shows us how we can manipulate our emotions ourselves. Asking yourself to be grateful is actually a practice in changing your perspective. Also, expressing gratitude feels good.

I’m no guru, and by no means have mastered this technique but I am starting to believe it’s more than snake oil.

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Preview KEW Episode 29: Gratitude

We are berated with messages telling us that Gratitude, like Meditation, is an excellent antidote to whatever ails us. While I’m not hear to preach, I describe my recent adventure down the path of gratitude in this Episode.

Turns out, besides making you just feel better, practicing gratitude has a side benefit of teaching us we can control our emotions. I realized that part of the reason to stop and shift your perspective from wherever you are to gratitude is an exercise in and of itself. Sure, feeling grateful feels good and is also a benefit, but being able to CONTROL HOW WE FEEL is truly the gift.

This week I share a few stories about my early (recent) exploration with gratitude. Here’s a preview: https://fb.watch/1HMroiZA5y/

Full Episode this Friday right here.

FLASHBACK KEW Episode 9: Old Beliefs

Good time to revisit this Episode. For me, anyway because I’m constantly stalking old beliefs to try and change them. Old Beliefs are what you think is you. They’re the program running in the background of you ‘mind’. They’re the Matrix. But I’m here to tell you that the Old Beliefs are NOT YOU.

I think true mastery of the human condition involves rewriting your Old Beliefs so you can live New ones. But first, we have to figure out what they hell is going on. Because most of this operating system was installed when we weren’t paying attention.

You’re been tricked. But there’s a way out.

Preview video here: https://business.facebook.com/kpluseiswise/videos/396569391380164/

Full KEW Episode links (podcast and video formats) here: https://chrisburcher.com/2020/06/19/kew-episode-9-old-beliefs/