FLASHBACK! KEW Curiosity Interview Series 9: Marcas Hemmila

In the 9th installment of my Curiosity interview series I talked with Mindset Architect, Marcas Hemmila. You can find out about his multiple YouTube channels, podcast, blogs, and consulting at his Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/discoverignite/

He’s been through a lot, learned a lot, and has a lot to say about the role Curiosity plays in healing, growing, and becoming a better human.

Marcas helps people discover what it is they are curious about, and helps them ignite the flame so they can continue on their own.

Original post and links to full audio and video interviews here: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/05/28/kew-curiosity-interview-series-9-marcas-hemmila/

KEW Episode 60: The Are vs Should Problem – Jobs and Careers

When I was a teenager I realized I would be working for the rest of my life. This hit me like a ton of bricks. This realization LITERALLY left me feeling like I had fallen out of a tree and couldn’t catch my breath. Though I’d experienced physical pain by this point in my life, fully coming to understand that I was going to have to spend a significant part of my life doing things I didn’t want to do was disturbing.

And it wasn’t so much that I had to WORK. I didn’t mind working. I had my first job at 13 and was gainfully employed when I had this epiphany about work. It was more that a big chunk of MY TIME was spoken for.

I felt like I was seeing my future, and part of it was already planned out. It wasn’t so much about the WORK thing, it was the CHOICE thing. My future was, at least in part, not my CHOICE. And I don’t know why this created so much dissonance. But this was a true blindside. I didn’t see it coming. I felt like I lost my whimsy.

And so that is, in huge part, what led me to explore the Are vs. Should Problem. Why do we struggle between the person we ARE and the person we feel like we SHOULD BE? A big part of this SHOULD is related to having to work and to have a career. A huge part of our youth is being on a path that gets us to that point successfully and to a greater extent than our parents or grandparents. From early on we are chugging along a course related to some place we will be in the future that will steal our time.

And the best we can hope for is to love the career so we are not wasting our time. To sort of ‘double up’ and get paid AND find pleasure in our job.

Well, how many of us got there? How many of us arrived at the place where we can’t BELIEVE we’re getting paid to do what we love? How many of us LOVED spending all that time studying, and interviewing, and kissing up, and missing out. . . . How fun was that?

Sure, some people do find a path they enjoy and a career that fulfills them. But most of us don’t. And this investigation intends to figure out why it happened and how we can change it.

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FLASHBACK! KEW Curiosity Interview 2: Mandy Napier

After deciding to do an interview series about Curiosity I did what most people do; I Googled. One of the top links returned was an article by Mandy Napier called, “Curiosity: The essential business skill to develop right now“, and here’s a YouTube interview about the article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr6Gisg0AAg. I figured, here’s someone who understands why Curiosity is important that I would love to talk to. I reached out to her and she agreed to do an interview with KEW.

After talking to Mandy and realizing she had something special, I decided to do sign up for coaching. I spent 12 weeks with Mandy and learned near as much as I had in ten years of therapy.

Though Mandy’s coaching is aimed at making high achievers even better, she has a lot to offer ‘normal people’ like me. Mostly I FINALLY learned to believe that mindset and understanding our personal values are critical elements to personal growth. Mandy was able to help me get ‘unstuck’ and move passed these roadblocks.

I hope you choose to listen to this entire interview because there are many gems that might help you get unstuck as well. You can find out more about Mandy and her coaching on her personal website https://mindsetforsuccess.com.au/about-mandy/.

Original post with audio and video links here: https://chrisburcher.com/2021/02/19/kew-curiosity-series-interview-2-mandy-napier/

Preview KEW Episode 51: Personal Inventory

The concept of a personal inventory is common to many therapy, personal growth, and coaching approaches. Essentially, before you can implement a change, you have to know WHAT you’re changing. So the personal inventory is all your STUFF.





Your VALUES (see Episode 46).


And so on. You get the picture. But what many of us DON’T GET is how complex this can be. We are a LOT more complicated than we think.

And before we can pursue the ARE vs. SHOULD problem (Episode 50), we have to know what (WHO) we’re dealing with (Episode 49: Who Are You?). The process of laying out your personal inventory is the first step.

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KEW Curiosity Interview Series 6: Dan Faill

Doing these interviews has been so much fun, and meeting new people (especially during the pandemic) is very nourishing. Getting to meet Dan Faill was no exception. Dan is exuberant, funny, has a lot of wisdom to share, and isn’t afraid to be real about it.

For years Dan’s directed Greek programs for colleges and you can tell he has a direct connection with young people (and he’s still pretty young himself). Serendipitously, Dan was invited to speak to a large audience and something clicked. He quickly switched over to inspirational and motivational speaking full time. And he has a gift for winning an audience. But more than that, Dan drills down pretty deep to the things that we don’t always like to talk about. One of his famous talks is “A night to forget, the intersection of blackouts and sex’ and he is very gentle, yet candid, when discussing difficult issues. You can find that talk, and others, here:

Dan Faill

More generally, all of Dan Faill’s brilliance are housed at https://www.danfaill.com and you are sure to find something inspiring or interesting to peruse. You will not be disappointed. At the very least, Dan is going to make you laugh because, well, you’ll see:)

Dan also appears to be modest given his outgoing personality. He embraces his last name in what he calls ‘Failing Forward’ and makes a solid argument about why failure is necessary and not something to avoid.

He is also a pro with respect to one of my favorite topics, Imposter Syndrome (also, least favorite).

In short, Dan is a storyteller. His delivery is vulnerable and trustworthy. He has a special way of humbling himself to the listener, and then clearly linking how his story is relevant to you.

And luckily, Dan also offers his uber-charismatic life lessons through coaching, which you can also find out about on his website.

I hope you enjoy listening to or watching the interview as much as I enjoyed recording it. Do yourself a favor and visit


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