KEW Episode 7 Preview: Maleness (posting this Friday)

Not masculinity, maleness. What is it like being male. For me, anyway. My observations of ’50s dads’ and ‘typical males’ and arguments for more equality in heterosexual (and possibly others, but I just don’t have that experience) relationships. My thoughts about being a male, our responsibilities to all genders, our roles as fathers, and on getting along in the world.

I call out stupid behavior I see other males getting away with and question whether we should be putting up with this crap (seems like we aren’t as much as we did in, say, the fifties). I throw to some calls to action for dumb male behavior and explain why I do some of the things I do.

Definitely a theme I will continue on KEW and hope to hear from you (positive and negative) about how my viewpoints fit in with the new masculinity.