Preview KEW Curiosity Interview Series: Dan Faill

I can’t wait for you to watch or listen to this weeks’ Curiosity interview. Dan Faill is one of those guys we can all learn from AND you’ll have a blast while you learn. After a successful career helping college students navigate greek life, Dan has transitioned to full time keynote speaker. He shares his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with us to help improve our lives.

Dan is not afraid of the tough topics, rather he EMBRACES them in ways that make us comfortable with the uncomfortable.

You will find links to all of Dan’s work here, and he has a glorious social media presence.

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KEW Episode 43: Diversity and Uniqueness

As y’all may know, I have always felt a little different. Like an outsider. People in the 80s may have called me a ‘nonconformist’. But as an adult I have learned that many people feel this way, at least some of the time. And, like I say in Episode 20: We all feel different (But we’re all the same), we all suffer from the imposter syndrome or feeling like we’re out of place. It’s universal.

Part of this, I think, is because we are ‘supposed’ to be different. The entire purpose of our DNA is to enable each individual human differentially equipped to respond to our changing environmental conditions. This, in short, provides the machinery for our species to persist through time. Things change, so we are equipped to change. Then, of course, the environmental conditions will select which traits (the unique stuff) work in the future, and unfortunately which ones do not.

The problem, then, isn’t that we are all unique. IN FACT, it’s the solution. The solution to our problems. So I’m wondering (and continuing to explore as part of a larger project) whether we are creating problems by not embracing our uniqueness. See, the pressures we feel that lead us to believe we are different are UNNATURAL. The world, society, our peers, our jobs, they are all imposing Unnatural selective forces that attempt to make us the same. Conformity rules in society.

Maybe that’s going a bit too far for this introductory episode, but hopefully you see the bigger picture.

I believe we need to stop trying so hard to conform, and instead take a long hard look at who we really are. If we can develop the aspects of our personalities that make us unique, think of what we can accomplish.

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Preview Episode 43: Diversity and Uniqueness

I am currently working on a larger project and want to share a bit about it. A critical theme of this project is that diversity and uniqueness are critical to the success of the human race and our planet Earth.

Yeah, that’s a bold claim.

And this claim lines up with something I’ve seen a lot of lately, and that’s people telling you to find your passion. Now, this is a theme I can get behind, but it bothers me that much of this propaganda is trying to sell you something (see Episode 5:Marketing and Solicitation), which I kind of despise.

But the idea of following your passion, of finding your truth, and of doing what makes you happy is something I wrestle with daily. Are we meant to realize what we’re good at and do it as a contribution to the world? Are we ‘supposed’ to figure this out? ‘Should’ we follow our dreams? I like to believe so, but in the context of all this aggressive marketing I sometimes wonder if it’s just a pipe dream of my naive youth. So I’m searching for evidence beyond the snake oil or get-rich-quick schemes I’ve been seeing.

Now that’s a long way to go to get to the purpose of this episode, which results from my research into whether or not our individual unique passions and dreams are important. And I am finding a lot of evidence to support this by melding my background in Ecology, my knowledge of psychology learned on my own personal growth journey, and my personal experience over the past few decades.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come. I think I’m on to something.

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Preview KEW Episode 32: Work/Life Balance

Since I was a kid I have been obsessed with how to make room for the things I want in my life and the things I have to do to get them. At thirteen I got a paper route and realized part of my life did not belong to me. I was taught (as most of us are) that I would have to trade some of my time working to earn the time to use for myself. It sounds silly when you say it that way, but most of us made these same agreements whether we realize it or not.

I continue to struggle trying to balance my work with my life. Some have suggested I make my life my work; to follow my passion. That sounds nice. Others have said to learn how to suck it up and concede to losing 40 hours a week of my life to a soul sucking cubicle job. That sounds really crappy (and it is, I’ve done it). Heck, I even tried to follow the ‘American Dream’, got a PhD, and my ‘dream job’ (spoiler alert, that didn’t work, either).

This week I share my perspective, as well as other peoples’ views on work, life, and trying to get just the right amount of each.

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Full episode coming Friday.